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Small Engine Repair

Small Engine Repair | J&B Small Engine Cloverdale,TN

Small engines like Briggs and Stratton, Kohler, Kawasaki and Tucemseh engines will find repair and service experts at J & B Small Engine...

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Lawnmower Repair

Lawnmower Repair | J&B Small Engine Cloverdale,TN

With lawn mower repair and parts available, we repair two and four stroke engines found in everything from concrete mixers to...

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Small Engine Service

Small Engine Service | J&B Small Engine Cloverdale,TN

Lawn mowers and small engines that we repair will not only run better, they'll run longer, whether it's a push lawnmower or an outboard motor.

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Welcome To J & B Small Engine

We are a full service small engine and outdoor power equipment center. We offer repair and service on all types of lawn equipment and replacement parts for many different brands of outdoor power equipment. Bring your lawn equipment in today.


Equipment breaks down and needs repair and routine maintenance in order to thrive. We are a superior small engine service center, and we believe in keeping equipment in top operating condition. That's why J & B Small Engine offers our small engine repair services and general power outdoor equipment maintenance. Our knowledge and tools allow us to compete with anybody in the Millington community.

We do valve repairs, overhead cam repair and timing belt repairs. Though the electrical systems are usually simple, they still develop problems. We fix electrical systems, capacitors and ignitions. We repair and maintain tractor mowers with all the extras or simple push mowers with a throttle lever. We fix recoil rope starter units and replace flywheels.

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